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At Firearms Training of New England our mission is to help people feel more secure with a firearm.  Whether you are learning for the first time or need to refresh your skills, Firearms Training of New England is the place to start.  We offer private and group classes.

Firearms Training of New England is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer.  We are able to buy and sell both guns and ammunition, as well as completing firearms transfers. We have a good selection of handguns and long guns from our personal collection.  If you are looking for a specific firearm, we can order it for you.

We will be offering Basic Pistol Classes in the Spring of 2022. With a maximum of 9 students to 3 Certified Instructors.  Our format ensures safety and personalized attention. Classes are open to: women, men and families. Safety begins at home. Private instruction is also an option.  Classes are approximately 4 hours. 2 hours of safety training and proper care of a firearm, followed by 2+ hours of live fire on the range with various firearms.

For more information, questions or to register, contact us today!

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